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21 Feb 2016 12:24 PM | Trevor Plant (Administrator)

Happy new year all.

Finally PayPal is available to pay your club fees this year. Welcome to the 21st century!

On Friday 19/02 we held the AGM. A new committee was elected congratulations and a big thank you to all new and returning committee members!

The results were:

President: Pooia Lalbakhsh

Vice President: James Lucas

Secretary: Elise Buchlak

Treasurer: Bronte Howe

Memberships: Trevor Plant 

Armourer: Derek Flood

Tournaments: vacant

Ordinary Members: Alex Lahey, Micheala

We have increased the fees this year to cover an expected need to purchase new equipment.

Address: La Trobe University Sports Centre, Bundoora Victoria 3084 

Phone: (03)9479 2218


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